Metalarte – about company

We are the company with long years of experience and we have been established our company since 1995. We produce hand forged goods for the biggest European customers of artistic metalwork. Our goods are characterized by long durability, high quality, impressive designs and unique patterns. All of our goods are executed by hand forging, powder painted and manually cowered by patination.


We produce all of our goods in our plant based only on our own human and technological power and know-how without any sub-suppliers, based on our own projects. In this way we give our dear customers the guaranty of high quality and extremely low prices in case of our excellent products.

Thanks to our own production systems, we give you the very professional products, which will look like the new and will be reliable for many years.

We have got our own great production resource base and this allows us to proceed with your even very big and not typical orders in the very short period of time.

Please be invited to co-operate with us.



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